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The world keeps on evolving through constant changes, and for mindful people, this might be a fresh start for investment. How to save and multiply money choosing the right country? 

The World Economic Forum has done research on the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index in 2019. They rated 140 countries by different criteria. First, let’s take a glance at the recent guidelines of the Cyprus economy’s development. The Ministry of Interior is aimed to start developing Cyprus in two ways: a) to urbanize the cities (preferably Municipality of Pafos), and b) to support and boost the rural industry. These measures were taken so as to raise the economy of Cyprus and make the country more attractive to tourists and workers. 

The highest score in 2019 Cyprus has shown in Tourism as the main priority (the 3rd after Malta and Jamaica). In August 2020, the Statistical Service of Cyprus issued the report which stated the increased interest in visiting Cyprus for the last three years. Even now, during the pandemic in 2020, the island has welcomed 255 000 of tourists. 

Cyprus is appealing with its nature and sights. Tourists are used to visiting Cyprus within the whole year because there are many things to enjoy in each season. Moreover, if we look at the Price Competitiveness pillar in the research, we can notice that the prices for commodities and services did not fluctuate that much (4.8 pts). Cyprus keeps on growing and it welcomes new funds to enter.

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