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Turkish Hammam, Russian Banya, and Native American sweat lodges are just some of the many wellness treatments that have been harnessed throughout human history. These heat treatments have been used to cure sickness and aches.

Each culture has its own etiquette as well as special techniques to achieve wellness in these heated structures.  

Chim Chil Ban is Korean sauna. “Chim chil” is derived from the Korean words that mean heating. It has always been a part of the traditional Korean medicinal healing practices and Chim Chil Ban culture was supported by state and maintained by Buddhist monks since 1429.

We chose Korean Chim Chil Ban concept because it’s not just about saunas and rest areas as a classical Spa. It implies a perfect fusion of social and health concepts.  Chim Chil Ban at Wimbledon Park SPA and Treatment Centre will have a wide range of areas and activities for you to spend quality time with your family and friends. Library, Restaurant, Private rooms for tea ceremonies, quiet area for meditation and other retreat practices (yoga,  tai chi, etc), and of cause karaoke, will all serve the social aspect of Chim Chil Ban concept.

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