Our Secret is Our Vision

The secret of our success is very simple. We are passionate about eco-lifestyle, sport and travelling. We love eating healthy, beautiful and delicious food, swimming in the sea, playing tennis, cycling in the mountains and along the sea, going for a leisurely walk in the park, enjoying stunning sunsets over the sea, meeting interesting people in the charming spaces with great service… Our dream is to create a space where our guests can experience all those things for themselves and this special place is a chain of smart Apart-Hotels and Sports Academies in Cyprus – WIMBLEDON PARK.

By the way tennis, hospitality and developing tourism business are both our calling and our professions. Although we are always serious and scrupulous when it comes to running our business, inside we always stay dreamers. We want to make our contribution to the development of sport-tourism infrastructure in Cyprus and implement in international standards in hospitality and service industry as well as inspire as many kids and adults as we can to sport and the healthy way of life. 

We love when what we create brings joy to people. It doesn’t matter whether it’s tennis lessons, smart-holidays in the Mediterranean or successful investments. WIMBLEDON PARK combines all these options together.

Let’s make the world a better place together! If you are looking for an interesting eco-project for investment, then send us a message – we have great investment options for you.


Our Business Model

Our business model offers a comprehensive full-cycle solution for the development of sport-tourism in Cyprus.

In order to do this, we have developed a unique concept of combining a chain of smart eco apart-hotels with the first Cyprus International Sports Academy network.

The concept involves the construction of two apart-hotels in the most popular resort towns of the southern coast of Cyprus – Limassol and Paphos. Hotels with a total capacity of more than 190 serviced apartments are located in the tourist areas by the sea and provide a wide range of services and infrastructure. Thanks to this, Wimbledon Park is ideal for families leading a healthy lifestyle and amateur athletes, as well as for professional sports teams that can comfortably live, train and compete.

At the same time, we focus not only on tennis players, but also on representatives of other sports. According to the research conducted for the Cyprus Tourism Organisation, year after year “sports visitors who choose Cyprus for training, participating or attending a sports event, strongly prefer not to visit during the summer as opposed to the general tourist’s population, who visit Cyprus mainly for summer holidays”. Due to this, the occupancy of the hotel throughout the year will be significantly higher than the average market figure in this region, which would typically be very seasonal. This makes Wimbledon Park an attractive investment project with a high ROI.

The implementation of the project consists of 3 main stages. The first stage is the construction of the apart-hotels by attracting a strategic investor in each of the hotels in the chain. At the second stage, apartments under construction will be available to retail investors who wish to profitably invest in the purchase of one or more apartments. The third stage provides for the effective management of the apart-hotel in the interests of their owners-investors to ensure annual returns above market average.

If you are interested in investing in promising real estate properties and want to receive a more detailed presentation of the Wimbledon Park project with a description of various investment options, please contact us.

The project is developed and managed by ARALAN Consulting.