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6 years of experience in Real Estate in Cyprus & Spain. Professional tennis coach, official member of the Global Professional Tennis Coaches Association, Degree in International Economics and Business Administration from Columbia, NYC, USA.

Artem is the co-founder of ARALAN Consulting and a visionary behind the Wimbledon Park project. Tennis has been his biggest passion in life for the past 25 years. He has received a tennis scholarship from the Blackmountain University in North Carolina, USA and won the Ukraine Tennis Championship. Artem has been certified by the Inernational Tennis Federation and the Global Professional Tennis Coach Association. In his 15 years of coaching, 5 of his trainees have gone on to receive scholarships from the top universities in the USA and United Kingdom, wining championships and one of his junior students (who has first started training with Artem at the tender age of 2) has won Cyprus National Turnament twice at the ages of 7 and 8.

In 9 years spent in Cyprus Artem has been helping to oragnise tennis camps and tournaments for players from Russia, Ukraine, UK and Norway. This experience has consistently shown a growing demand for a professional Tennis Academy network that could also offer a full-cycle solution for sport tourists. Considering that Cyprus has the longest sport-tourism season in the whole of Mediterrenean and is an ideal location for international tennis and other sports traning camps and competitions.

After conducting an extensive research study with his team at ARALAN Consulting and selecting the optimal locations, the Wimbledon Park project has been developed.

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