Wimbledon Park Cyprus International Tennis Academy

In over 20 years of experience in this incredible sport we have studied both the player and coaching sides, mental and organisational components of the training, preparation, tournaments and training camps. That allows us to ensure that the network of Wimbledon Park Sports Clubs and the Tennis Academy, being unique in Cyprus, can provide an unprecedented service for players, coaches and spectators. When you combine an aristocratic sport together with the latest developments in mental and physical training techniques developed by the teams of such great tennis players as Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. In collaboration with the International Tennis Federation and Tennis Federations of Cyprus, Russia, Ukraine and UK, Wimbledon Park Sports Complex & Tennis Academy is designed to train the best representatives of this noble sport, experience exchange programs, tournaments, training camps and campuses.

Tennis is same as life, it’s all about the details!

Wimbledon Park Cyprus International Tennis Academy offers a 5-star approach to the organisation and services provided:

  • 12 tennis courts in Limassol and 4 tennis courts in Paphos with spectator tribunes and additional vantage points for spectators from the Club’s outside café tables and serviced apartment’s Roof Garden Bars;
  • Managed by an experienced tennis coach certified by the International Tennis Federation and the Global Professional Tennis Coach Association;
  • Professional approach to training: experienced trainers, licensed massage therapists and physiotherapists;
  • An ideal base both for full-cycle training for all ages as well as for holding tournaments of various levels: from children’s and youth’s to semi-professional and AmaTour as well as professional international championships;
  • Clubs have a video recording system for training and games and a system of digital reporting of game techniques, strategies and tactics, which allows you to analyse games in more detail, more clearly analyse errors and correct them;
  • New, modern approach to training and coaching professional tennis players. Our method is focused on the mental and psychological preparation of athletes, all-round and structured physical training, as well as health and right nutrition of future professional players;
  • Wellness Club with Gym and Fitness Studio and Massage rooms;
  • Changing rooms and coaching room;
  • Health Food and Smoothie café;
  • Sports nutrition and equipment shop.

Also, on the territory of the Sports Complex there are:

  • 50m outdoor (8 lanes) and 25m (6 lanes) indoor Olympic swimming pools in Limassol;
  • 25m (5 lanes) indoor Olympic swimming pool in Paphos;
  • Ice Arena and Family Entertainment Centre in Limassol.

Wimbledon Park Sports Club operates on a membership basis with several package levels for personal, family and professional clients. Guests of the Wimbledon Park serviced apartments receive a complimentary 1-hour use of the gym or a group class and a 50% discount on Tennis Court reservations and penthouse residents get an additional 1-hour free court-time per day. The Club is open to a limited number of members, which allows us to maintain a high level of organisation and a certain contingent of customers and visitors.