We want to change people’s base attitude towards the environment and each other

Our team is passionate about eco-friendly lifestyle, sport and travelling. We love eating deliciously healthy, organic food, swimming in the clean sea, playing tennis, cycling and breathing clean air everywhere we are. We don’t eat meat, do our best to minimise the use of plastic containers and bags, recycle and try to be conscious about the sustainability impact of the transport we use. Taking care of nature and trying to preserve it for our children is a key part of our philosophy. We try to instil in children eco-friendly attitude towards the environment and each other, because at the end of the day, pure environment is not where we clean well, but where we do not litter.

Development of our chain of smart apart-hotels WIMBLEDON PARK is based on these eco-principals. We want to ensure that our guests at WIMBLEDON PARK could live and feel the the eco-friendly lifestyle in full and catch this attitude to the world, passing it on to their children and friends. Our aim is to change the vary base attitude that people have towards the environment and each other.

That’s why to create the business model for WIMBLEDON we use the following methods and instruments:

• Sustainable and eco-friendly construction materials

• Energy-saving technologies

• Methods for reducing water usage and smart-watering systems

• Waste Management Policy & Recycling

• Eco-cleaning products

• Stuff training

• Organising annual conference «Live Green!»

Let’s make the world better together!

Why Sustainable Tourism is important and what we can do as travellers and hospitality business.